The Lost Years of Jesus
Rebecca Moore
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Biography of Dr. Rebecca Moore

Rebecca Moore has a Ph.D. in Religious Studies from Marquette University (1996), where her specialty was Jewish and Christian dialogue.

She has written and published on medieval Christian theologians and their debt to Jewish biblical commentary. She co-authored the book A Portable God: The Origin of Judaism and Christianity (Rowman and Littlefield 2007) with SDSU colleague Risa Levitt Kohn. The book examines how first-century Judaic groups interpreted Israelite religion in a new historical context.

Dr. Moore also studies New Religious Movements, where she has concentrated on interpreting a group called Peoples Temple and the events at Jonestown, Guyana that occurred in November 1978. This effort can be seen on the website and in the book Understanding Jonestown and Peoples Temple (Praeger 2009).

Most recently she has written a feminist analysis of the role women have played in the development of Christianity. Women in Christian Traditions was published by New York University Press in Spring 2015.


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